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Aug 5, 2009
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You are looking to own the following premium domain name:


This premium one word domain name is easy to remember, holds ridiculous potential for development and future investment and can be easily marketed and is a good investment opportunity!

The domain is Brandable & Valuable, specially pick for website or store or development, very catchy and easy to read...and also, very importantly it has BRANDING potential… which means it’s an appealing easy to remember.

Domain names are like owning your own piece of real estate. They are a no risk investment because, like real estate, the value will only keep rising.

Keyword-Rich domain

Highly Brandable
Type-In Traffic – Easy to remember
High Value – Short & Sweet and hence gives your Company / Project higer Value in the eyes of the buyer
HOT in Demand Niche.

Good reasons to acquire this premium domain

Premium Domain Name;
Aged 3 years domain;
About 118,000,000 results from Google search for poker gaming,

-about 14,000,000 for pokergaming,
-about 329,000 for “poker gaming”
-and about 98,000 for “pokergaming” ;
-some search information attached – please see

Easy To Spell;
Short and memorable;
Good Name To Start Business Or Protect Your Business;
Great to monetize;
Huge market;

Possibilities are Endless

There are several endless & development possibilities for this domain that covers allot of topics:

Here is some business ideas:

Poker gaming website;
Ecommerce Store for selling poker related products;
Adsense site;
Affiliate sites.
Put up a User forum
Hold the property as an investment. Premium properties like this aren't readily available anymore and will only increase in value.

Registrar : Godaddy

Expires : 3/19/2014

Why am I selling such a premium piece of internet real estate?

I had originally purchased this property for future JV and development which I couldn’t carryon due to other projects.


For any questions you can message, post or directly contact me via call on +60 16 3211158
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