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cctld Portfolio Sale Of 200+ Uk Domains (bowl, Paddington, Issues, Vpns)

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Sep 22, 2006
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Portfolio style auction. New Years sort-out and New Years pricing.

Click here for the link to the spreadsheet containing all the domains and current bids.

Some premium/generics (including bowl, issues, vpns, poses)
102 London Geo/Suburb names (including Paddington, Penge, OxfordSt...)

What's new since my last auction? Or new from the other auctions?
1. Many of the domains I previously listed have since sold (iu, holy, sjw...)
2. Lower price expectation for the remaining domains
3. Anyone who bids on a domain will see the auction BIN prices after it has closed. The highest bidder will be given priority in accepting the BIN price during the 24 hours after I send out the BINs.
4. A column in the spreadsheet for the 'steal price'. The steal price is different to the BIN prices sent out after the auction. If you offer the steal price for a domain, it's yours. You will not have to wait for the auction to end. All domains in the sheet have an immediate steal price.*

*This of course has an effect on the dynamic of the auction. If you are bidding on a domains and see some domains taken out of the running rest assured that the target (currently £7500) will be reduced up to the steal price value depending on the name sold. For example if someone offers a steal price of £500 for a domain, the auction target may drop by an amount up to £500.

Key details
  • Auction will run from today until Monday 5th January
  • If the grand total of all bids meets the goal of £7500 the auction will immediately stop (even if before 5/1/15) and highest bidders must all make payment before the domains are transferred.
  • If the grand total isn't met by 5/1/15 then the highest bid may still be accepted or they will receive the BIN price along with others who bid in the auction. The highest bidder has priority during the first 24 hours after the auction to accept the BIN price.
  • Any offer should be made with good faith and is binding for the buyer, however the seller only agrees to sell at that price if the grand total of all bids reaches the auction target.

I'll try and keep the thread/Google Docs file updated with bids/totals etc. Steal prices and the target may change so keep checking back and make offers early and often! If you are keen to make an offer on a set then feel free to PM or list in the thread and we'll work it out.

I really want the auction to run it's course here but should a sale at the steal price (or greater!) occur off the forum, I'll update.
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