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Apr 9, 2006
If you are wanting to buy a Arcade Site. I have one... the site url is ( before it was changed). The site gets 5,000-10,000+ game plays a day and uses 3-5GB of bandwidth. Averages about $30+ a day and about 4000+ unique visitors here are the stats.

Traffic mostly came from friend's gaming website and word of mouth. Mostly word of mouth.
17,000-18,000 page indexed. (
And recently got a 4985 weight for CO-OP.

I am looking for about $5,000 paypal as I am using YPN and I know YPN pays more than google and won't last forever so this is the case. The reason for the rev stats are all crazy is because I've been testing layout postioning and changing layouts constantly. At the moment it is averaging $50 a day with its current layout and ad placement.

Starting BID: $4,000
BIN: $7,000

(Posted at Digitalpoint, NamePro's, DNForum, & Sitepoint)

Site Sold.


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Jul 25, 2004

Posted at NP:

I know for a fact that most of the hits to this site came from paid-to-surf sites. And that this site has been banned by Google Adsense for that reason.

Those 4000+ unique visitors are going to fizzle out pretty fast (instantly) when you stop buying those "hits".

Buyer, BEWARE.

I have recieved a couple of PMs asking how I know this. I might as well post this proof here:

You can see the referring url in the screenshots:

Check the source code of that page. There are 3 adsense codes, but no ads showing.



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Apr 18, 2003
As I have posted at NP, I have to post here too to warn people of this seller.

I was the buyer of the site a while ago now and after checking stats, yes, they were mostly coming from paid to click sites. When I expressed concern that traffic levels were going down ever since I took ownership of the site, I found that suddenly unique visitors went back up again (and page views went up by the same amount). I got suspicious and checked the referer logs. Then found out that he inflated the stats through an invisible iframe found on another one of his sites.

I have since sent him numerous PMs to explain, all of which have been ignored.

Despite advising me that I could have a refund if traffic does drop (I still have that PM that he sent me) less the amount taken in from YPN, he now refuses to refund. Be very wary of this seller.
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