- All types of Projects Evaluated and potentially Funded!

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Aug 27, 2008
#1 - A GREAT FUNCTIONAL Website and Company name!


Yahoo hits - 6,470,000

This could be a GREAT Website for Evaluating and potentially Funding different types of Projects!

The first step in getting ANY Project Funded is to have it evaluated!

If you have a TIMELY, SUBSTANTIAL and FINANCIALLY lucrative project and are willing to 'share the pie', there are those who would be willing to fund your Project for a piece of the Project - to be negotiated!

This potential website could be connected with all types of Angel Investors, Venture Capital Funding, Private Funding, Corporate sponsors, Strategic Partners, etc. for the Funding!

There could be some GREAT advertising revenue from all the different potential funding sources, project management groups, etc.!

This Developed Website could be worth $XXX,XXX IMO!

Your imagination is the limit as to what this potential Website could entail!

This website would take some effort to develop but it has some GREAT POTENTIALS!

Many other potential uses!

Looking for offers on:

A GREAT Internet presence!
Estibot Appraisal $930
MSN hits - 236,000
Google hits - 1,370,000
Yahoo hits - 6,470,000 - DN for sale only - no website.

BIN set at USD $2000
BIN lowered to $1800
BIN lowered to $1600
BIN lowered to $1400
BIN lowered to $1200
BIN lowered to $1080
BIN lowered to $980


Post 'SOLD' if buying at the BIN price to claim this DN!

Regged at godaddy, expires in 2010 and will push free to the buyer.

I will negotiate the means to make the sale happen, buyer pays 1/2 the escrow fee if applicable.

I will accept paypal under $200 and I will push the DN 48 hours after payment has been made. Buyers using paypal must have a good rep. for payment.

Respond here or pm me for more information, to buy this DN or to make an offer.

Check out my other DNs for sale threads!

________________________ - Domains for sale!
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