.COM prostatainflamada.com, diabranco.com, inquisidor.com and a few more


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Jun 11, 2019
Ok, I understand that the biggest market is English language domain names.

But I see that it is still possible to find some .com names in Spanish, Portugese, French or German which seem to be promising.

Could you please apprise:

1. prostatainflamada.com - inflamed prostate in Spanish
2. jornalistas.org - Portuguese for the journalists
3. diabranco.com - white day in Portuguese
4. inquisidor.com - inquisitor in Spanish
5. medulaossea.com - bone medula in Italian
6. cestbon.store - its good in French
7. terrenoventa.com - land for sale in Portuguese

And by the way - can you also explain me the following:
xiuxiu.de - had a Reserve Range 1-99 EUR at SEDO auction, traffic was about 600, but... no bids at all.
Well, Google says that XiuXiu is a popular experimental band from USA (never heard about them before) + some Chinese online soft it seems. But why there were no bids even though the traffic was good and the price was low, can you tell me please?


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Sep 4, 2002

yes, it is possible to find.... what you have found
but sometimes, what you find, was left behind, by others.

though if they get any type-in traffic, then that could add value.

as for xiuxiu.de, those traffic stats do not divulge, if the traffic is bot traffic or link traffic or where the traffic is coming from.
and if that traffic does not convert to "clicks" then how useful is it?

you have to ask yourself..." if that name is getting 600 visitors, then why is reserve less than $100?"