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Apr 8, 2002
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I've sold quite a few playstation names and have found that its players, buyers, and enthusiasts (and "some" domain name speculators) are very willing to shell out some decent cash for ps-related domain names.

I think it's a very nice name... but the only problem is the time duration of when the actual release of a playstation 3 (ps3) may be. For example, look how long Sony played off the success of the 32-bit ps1 before they released the ps2. There could be years inbetween now and its release.

I would definitely hold on to it though...

$20-$30 now.

I think if you sold this domain name at the same time (or shortly after) the ps3 was released and built up its sale momentum -- it could go for $250-$300+ (especially if it was developed with traffic).

Good luck,
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