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Nov 15, 2004
This is the next site to go in my portfolio.

I have owned this site since 2002, sold it for a year then got it back. It has been many different sites over the years but has been an unadvertised auction site for about 8 months. My other projects always got in the way. Now, I am moving away from websites all together (except for my own personal site) and am focusing on photography. I am selling all of my websites and domains to buy equipment (Digital SLR camera..mmmmm..) Any way, this is a complete auction site with almost all of the same features that ebay has including some it doesn't (want ads).
I am asking for $210 for everything.

If you search for (Results 1 - 9 of about 17,300 for
PR 4 (check it here)

Domain Expiration Date: 13-jun-2007

There is not much traffic but the site, as you can see, has great potential. You could change all of the categories and turn it into a domain/website auction house, or anything else you wish.
first to post sold gets it. Payment via paypal only please.
send payment to

Good luck to the new owner, I hope you turn it into what it longs to be.....Great..

Send questions via PM only. Do not post here... I will ignore posts here.
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