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offers Rare Aged Domains CondolenceLetter.com LetterCopy.com WeCustomPrint.com

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Feb 1, 2007
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CondolenceLetter.com LetterCopy.com WeCustomPrint.com

CondolenceLetter.com LetterCopy.com WeCustomPrint.com are carefully chosen word micro-niche domain names, which is easy to spell and remember and could easily convert these names into a recognizable brand and long lasting business income.

For auction transparency we clearly define, both, our calculation and claim of offering CondolenceLetter.com LetterCopy.com WeCustomPrint.com for sale on this listing.

SEO experts search for aged domains when building niche websites for a valuable jump start in SERP placement. Many aged domains already have established incoming back-links, indexed pages and authority.

Often times when an aged domain is picked up and built quickly it immediately has traffic and PR from prior keywords, text links and video links. It's not uncommon to build a new website on a dropped or auction aged domain and from the first day see traffic. For this reason, when good aged domain names drop there are literally hundreds of SEO experts competing to be the first to register the domain name just seconds after it drops.

As you can see these names listed here are aged domains and Google has been visiting them for years, so they already have online trust and will index very quickly. Any SEO marketing techniques you use will be picked up almost instantaneously by all three major search engines.

Aged domains are the raw land of the Internet and similar to physical real estate locations, no matter what you build on your website, its value is in large part dependent upon the domain name and will give your websites a vital boost in marketing.

CondolenceLetter.com LetterCopy.com WeCustomPrint.com are very profitable keywords that will pay dividends once you achieve top positions for them. Even if you just target the long tail keywords you'll enjoy a good source of income from your website visitors.

Creation Date: CondolenceLetter.com 5th July 2004

Creation Date: LetterCopy.com 9th December 2007

Creation Date: WeCustomPrint.com 23rd October 2006

Domain name registrar: GoDaddy. (free transfer)

Terms: Accept payment via PayPal or Escrow

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