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May 22, 2018
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While domains that most of us buy are bought at registrars like GoDaddy and Epik, i do have a few questions about their relationship with the registries they represent. Recently I've been buying .LINK domains from registrars like Namecheap and NameSilo, and prior to this I'd been accumulating a portfolio of .ONLINE domains from GoDaddy. In the case of .ONLINE the registry/owner is Radix based in Dubai, and in the case of .LINK the new owner is based in Malta. Note, the former owner of .LINK was Uni aka Uniregistry. And while I don't know why, Uni when they recently sold their business to Go Daddy, they didn't include .LINK. However they recently did sell it to a group of investors whose headquarters is in Malta. Ironically, one of the investors Yoni Belousov lives in Vancouver, and their GM Vaughn Liley hails from Granada in Spain. Two other key players, John Huber and Manuel Debono reside on the island of Malta and according to their individual Linkedin bios are well connected and well respected in the financial and accounting world.

Herein lies some of my confusion and consternation, wile accumulating thousands of domains for both .ONLINE and .LINK i reached out to management/owners of both of these organizations. Initially their reception was cordial and accommodating, but when they learned of my plans to promote and market .ONLINE and .LINK they actually cut off communication with me? So why might that be? I'm as charming as anyone in this industry despite some of my outspoken analysis of the domain aftermarket ala Verisign referring do domainers as "Scalpers"

As an example of the problem, and there's more, when I first started accumulating .LINK domains at Namecheap, I was contacted by Namecheap about (4) of the .LINK domains I'd purchased from them "in good faith" had issues involving "SPAM"? They expected me to jump through some hoops to make sure they were de-actived or returned immediately? When I responded to them in an email to take them back, and that I would like a refund, they told me they couldn't refund my purchase? Consequently I copied Vaughn Liley at the registry assuming he might have an answer, and he abruptly and rudely told me to never include/copy him on any of my dealings with his registrar? I equate this to a car dealer selling me a stolen car, taking it back and refusing to return my money. What's up with that?

Vaughn hasn't responded to any of my recent emails....when I'd accumulated about 200 .LINK domains, he insinuated that I'd accumulated enough? Why do you suppose he may have done that? I now have over a thousand .LINK domains with a pretty good plan to outbound market them to "end users". Like someone recently did with .XYZ, I plan to do the same with .LINK. Might anyone feel threatened by this? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks, and would appreciate any feedback.

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