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Jun 6, 2004
Now available @ Flippa!

This is the email sent to all the top dating sites in this niche... maybe it will also appeal to you! May the best business win!

Hi there!

We are selling our website which does have some members and may be a great way for an experienced operator in this niche to diversify! Specifically, we are targeting women who don't quite want a "sugar daddy" perhaps, but may be interested in a Mentor that is successful!

All details of the sale and where you can bid on the auction are found here for you:

Any other questions, you can email me at or submit your question / comment on Flippa.

Also, if you happen to know anyone else who may be interested in this, kindly let them know in the event you feel it may be applicable to their business interests!

Thank you very much!

Janelle @ Rich Mentors