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Feb 7, 2007
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RockAlmanac is a music encyclopedia containing information about Rock music artists and recordings. The site has massive potential if you have time to add content and work on the social media site to promote. It has been online continually since 2007.

Also have - which I will consider offers as well or consider selling together with RockAlmanac.

The sale includes a twitter account with 700+ followers, including followers from a few popular bands. (I haven't been very active recently as haven't had time)

Ranked in Google for terms such as
- rock encyclopedia
- rock and roll almanac
- music almanac

The site currently gets around 300-400 uniques a month and over 1000 page views a month.

It needs more content, but I have created a script to import content from the AllMusicGroup API, but you need to manually add images as the free versions doesn't allow this. Which I will show you how to use to get more recordings added to the site.

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Will consider offers

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