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Salaried Dnforum Technical Admin Wanted

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Feb 20, 2003
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We currently have one of the best Techincal admin's in the business in Hanna.

We need a 2nd one to back her up on a Full or Part Time basis.

You would be responsible for all techincal aspects of the forum including but not limited to the following:

Run forum as admin.

Ensure all TECHNICAL issues dealt with in a speedy fashion.

You are responsible for ALL technical issues.

Install any hacks that are required.

Perform any vbulletin upgrades that may come out.

Ensure Automated backup is completed successfully 3 times a day and ftp'd to safe secondary server.

Fix any repair any vbulletin mysql errors that occur in the db.

Must have proven track record.

Must be on call 24/7 in the event of an emergency, ie forum down.

Salary Negotiable.

Must sign non-disclosure agreement and non-competitive agreement if hired.

Please add me to msn if you are very experienced with Vbulletin up for this challenge.

msn id: [email protected]

Thanks Adam
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