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ScoreFree(dot)com - generic credit score name with type-in traffic very fast sale BIN

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May 15, 2005
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SCORE FREE (dot) com

Okay, I am buying another name that is totally unrelated and just need some quick pp cash so someone gets a very good deal on this sweet and very short generic credit score name. In the past when a certain someone who owns the other version flipped around would advertise on tv and radio this name would get hundreds of type-ins per month and make very good cash. This name as it sits right now gets an average of 1-2 type-ins a day and is making like $20/mo or something right now just sitting on voodoo but it has excellent keywords "SCORE" & "FREE" and is an SEO dream come true. Also it can randomly receive the benefit of advertising from other related sites out of the blue and then the traffic is VERY good. This is a super easy low price for this name act quickly because this is a nice old generic name and has no issues whatsoever and is ready for an easy push at Godaddy, it was registered in 2003 so it's 11+ years old now and well aged.

Post sold to buy and be ready to send me a paypal payment (prefer a friend payment, if not add the small fee in at this price) - I do not want a long drawn out deal just want an easy quick sale for some quick pp funds so get your typing fingers ready to post sold.

First $999 paid by pp takes it BIN, there won't be any other price drop and this is absolute lowest price ever offered and a hell of good deal. If it is not snatched right away I will not be offering it for this price again anytime soon or likely ever. If you don't want to post sold in a thread just PM me or send an email to whois info. Thank you, enjoy! :cool:
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