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developed Searchworld1.com - Price Comparison Shopping Portal Worth 28k$ For Sale

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Apr 16, 2014
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Site with 200,000 uniques/mo making $1,033/mo Shopping with Amazonproducts

The language can be changed within seconds to German and English

This shopping portal is easy to manage. There is an own admin portal with your own username and password. You will get the username and password after purchase. The only thing you need is your own amazon affiliate account which you have to register under http://partnernet.amazon.de

once you have typed in your amazon webservices password from your amazon affiliate account in to your own admin portal all products from amazon will be listed on http://searchworld1.com

this shopping portal has a very hugh conversion rate and the traffic is also during some months extrem high, the product search engine on http://searchworld1.com is directly connected with the search engines like Google. This shopping portal is very good seo optimized, you get high traffic from search engines.
you can use this price comparison also for US and international traffic with amazon.com and amazon.co.uk
you will get the domain and the webspace on which this portal is hosted. the running costs are very low, the products from amazon are updated within one second. nothing has to be uploaded, everything is very fast and automatic. After purchase you will also get help to start this shopping portal.

in the admin panel of searchworld1.com you can see for which keywords people are searching, at the time there are 150.000 keywords saved. especially to get all this keywords is very valuable you can see the trends of the future and the products which are asked by potential customers. each day there are coming thousands new keywords.

This shop Alone is worth 28.000 US Dollar

I will help you to transfer the domain and shop to your desired provider. I will install everythign for you. After sale support is included for advices and install.

I have added screenshot from income of last year:

screenshot countries analytics of two days:

please send your offers
my emailaddress is [email protected]

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