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Sep 21, 2005
**** off
I'm looking to sell my pride and joy, It's a popular PR5 babe log with an Alexa of 27k. The domain is about 5 years old, as seen here:*/

Traffic Stats:
February: 441,947 unique visitors
March: 262,776 unique visitors.
April: 219,159 unique visitors.
May (to date): 41,772 unique visitors.

Current Rankings:
PageRank: 5/10
Alexa Rank: 27,073
Incoming Google Links: 214
Incoming Yahoo Links: 9,800
Incoming MSN Links: 2,641
Incoming Alexa Links: 41
Overall Incoming Links: 12,696

Revenue Stats:
Adengage: $30/mo
Adbrite: $25/mo
Adult Sponsors: $200/mo
Banner sales + Text link sales: $350/mo
Total Revenue: ~$600/mo

You get everything you see @ The domain, the content, the database, everything.

The site currently uses about 35 to 45 GB of bandwidth per month and about 0.10GB of disk space.

Bidding starts at $3000. Buy it now is $5000 unless I receive an offer I feel good about. :)

Please ONLY send PMs or contact me on ICQ, 1183251. I will not respond to replies made in this thread.
Not open for further replies.