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Nov 4, 2008
Another Traffickerz Domain Name Low-Reserve Inventory Sell-Off! Make sure to check out the other Traffickerz generic keyword domains listed on Flippa.



We LOVE this domain. It's sweet, simple, clean, short, well aged, the keywords are internationally recognized, and represents an entire culture and an immense number of citizens in the USA and around the world.

It's the perfect domain name to represent either the entire national collective of 'Little Italy' neighborhoods as a guide, directory, review, travel site, OR an association representing one particular neighborhood who wants to claim authority over the term by using the best generic available, OR a brick-and-mortar / online business who wants to market themselves to visitors within a particular 'Little Italy' neighborhood.

There are many 'Little Italy' neighborhoods throughout the world, including Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden - more on Wikipedia.


Related Searches

  • US Exact Match: 10K - 100K / Month
  • Global Exact Match: 100k - 1M / Month
  • Exact Match Google Search Results ('Little Italy'): 12,500,000
  • Top searches include "San Diego", "New York City", "Pizza", "Restaurants", "Baltimore", "Chicago", "Italian Restaurants", "Best Restaurants", many more ..
  • CPC range of all keywords: Approx. $0.50 - $15.00


  • The dotCom (1998), Net (1997-10-23) and Info (2001) are each have the same owner, so the chances of acquiring a 'Little Italy' domain name other than this one is unlikely.
  • This dotOrg (1997-04-13) is the oldest of the TLDs - 21 years!
  • The only relevent dotOrg "Italy" sale we've noticed is for $25,000
Simple, clean, generic keyword and catchy brandable domain names. We have a number of generics for sale in dotCom, Net and Org, each with a low reserve. Make sure to check out the other Traffickerz generic keyword domains listed on Flippa.