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Jul 11, 2011
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Single English Dictionary Words + .COM / .NET / .ORG

Total Budget (at the moment):
Mid $xx,xxx

Budget per Domain:
$xx - $xx,xxx
As cheap as possible relative to the quality.
Looking for good deals at all market levels.

Give me some idea of price:
(A) Exact Asking Price
(B) More Than
(C) Less Than

For example:

less than $500

above $184 billion

Note: If you do indicate a minimum and it seems too high, then I am more likely to negotiate with someone else. Obviously.

While submitting single dictionary words,
you may also submit ANYTHING else you think I may be interested in.
Send a list or link to your whole portfolio, if you like.

I respond to everybody.

And I work in the industry professionally. So even if I don't buy your domain now, I might show up later with an offer.