Six New Gtlds Enter General Availability. .immo Gets 5,274 Registrations On Day 1

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Nov 27, 2013
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Six new gTLDs entered General Availability including .pizza, .auction, .immo.
The stats after the first 24 hours of General Availability are as follows:

.immo - 5,274 registrations

.Business - 3,292 registrations

.Software - 3,068 registrations

.Network - 3,055 registrations

.Pizza - 1,272 registrations

.Auction - 1,056 registrations

These numbers also include registrations from Sunrise and Landrush period.

I think these extensions would make a good name if used with the right keywords.
.Business and .auction may be clubbed with niches to make a good name.
.Immo is targeted towards the real estate industry for German, French, Italian and Catalan speaking countries.
These extensions seem a bit more promising than most other new gTLDs.

What is your take on these extensions?
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