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Jun 2, 2006
Sledger (dot) com
It's a dictionary word used by somebody who uses a sleigh but it means something else in sport.
A sledger is a sportsman (allegedly) who deliberately distract's opponents by sarcastic verbal abuse. Americans call it 'trash talking'
"Although sledging is most well-known within cricket, it also happens in other sports, notably rugby, basketball (in which the similar practice of trash talking takes place), and football. The Zidane incident at the final of the 2006 World Cup appears to rival the instances within cricket. Baseball also offers opportunities for similar comments between batter and catcher: Rod Marsh's famous "How's your wife and my kids?" to Ian Botham was used in the 1989 US baseball movie Major League as just such a remark" Sections/Rugby Quotes/Sledgers.asp ...etc

If you are interested in this domain make me an offer.
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