Sold Through Outbound

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Apr 19, 2018
Sold Price : 2900 USD outbound completed by undeveloped 5% fees
Purchase Price : 25 USD from NP
Hold Time : 20 Days
Story Behind this sale.
The day i received this domain i started outbound i received three replies same day one asked how much i quoted 3000 USD he disappeared but two others offered 500 & 750 usd i kept my self firmed on 3000 USD
then in few days i decided to hold on this name more and increased price to 4999 USD on all marketplaces and started again outbounding to new companies one reply came said we like it but cant pay more then 2900 usd and i replied we had offer of 3750 usd on this name before but now we are willing to sell so we are okay with 2900 usd now. he replied please proceed and he paid within minutes to undeveloped then he disappeared after paying then he came back after 10 days and said he was away please transfer domain and i transfered it and its completed today.