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Jul 19, 2019
Hello, i got some domains i want to you to help me value, i know this is not 100 000$ domains.
















I will be realy greatfull, if you can help me value som of these. And they are for sale aswell.
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Oct 12, 2003
gonr1 - what does this even mean?
americannewyork - american is redundant here and it means nothing
blogcruise - no.. maybe cruiseblog ... could be developed with a blog about cruises but would need promoting
itscruise - doesn't make sense
greenfoodtour - why? Do people take tours of green food?
marriagetravel - two unrelated words thrown together with no meaning as a phrase
michaelbeauty - who is Michael? Why do we care about his beauty?
myfashionking - why? who would want this?
mywomenshop - makes no sense womenshop is pretty bad but mywomenshop even worse
pricecoaching - two unrelated words thrown together with no meaning as a phrase
shopburger - no... burgershop. Even though who buys burgers online?
thedailywork - is this a newspaper? 'The' is awful here
travelsforsale - you can't sell travels
usaheaven - could be developed but lots of alternatives freely available that could potentially do the same thing
wildbuilder - what does this mean? Again two words unrelared

These are all awful domains I'm afraid. The best thing you can do is *stop* registering domains until you have a feel for phrases that are in use, could be developed, and have relevance in the world. I suspect you have fallen into the trap of registering domains with 2 or 3 english words put together that have no meaning as a group.
My suggestion is to read back through the forum and get a feel for the market.


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Jun 25, 2013
TheDailyWork.com seems like a nice domain name for a freelancing platform like upwork. I think it might be work from 5 to 10K.
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Aug 7, 2019
United Kingdom
americannewyork - there is a village called New York in the UK near where I live.. I guess if you are trying to distinguish it from this little village then American would be relevant but I have my doubts.

blogcruise - maybe could be a community that encourages members to blog about their own cruises.

greenfoodtour - maybe a tour company specialising in showing people around local food producers, farmers markets, farm shops, cooperatives/communities etc.

marriagetravel - I dont mind this. Alot of people seem to be shopping around for Russian / Filipino brides for marriage according to so many reality programs, I guess that could tap into that market.

michaelbeauty - guess you have to mind a Michael who has a beauty shop and market it to him.

pricecoaching - guess we could all do with abit of price coaching especially as a prospective domainer.

I think the only one I would have perhaps registered is marriagetravel as people spend alot of money on both especially when combined God forbid!


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Aug 7, 2019
gonr1 - I hope neither of us as the number one or first goners here (I'll let you win!)

americannewyork - As opposed to americankansascity? (Wait! There is the possibility of many, many more of these...if more people have your way of thinking!)

blogcruise - if there are, or is one cruise just related to some blog (I guess maybe, with a stretch, bloggers!)

itscruise - what is ... "the cruise"...which cruise?

greenfood tour - this tour would be too long for me...there are a lot of green foods (Oh, you mean like vegetarian, vegan, of meat tour...now I get it...or do I But would I even want to take any of these tours? Oh, maybe you are trying to START a fad)

Sorry, this tour is too painful. I believe you can catch on if you stop going on the bender of "dot com" finding. Is it that you have a primary thought in mind, can't find anything until you finally get a dot come with any word that could, with an abundance of coaching, be considered to maybe have the possibility of stretching itself,... when combined with the other word in your idea (soon to become fixation), of having some remote ability to, if you take away the grammatical errors and lack of word flow, start to begin to make some sense to someone? There is hope...
I had the same problem...but my dot com fixation or binge may have been more intense. You can recover if you listen to what works for real sales without taking any advice personally. I believe there can be life after "dot com mania" or "compulsive dot com-ing"...aka "obsessive dot...........................................
Let us pray.