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May 31, 2018
Quick overview:
SongBox is short, brandable & easy to remember.
.net is a top globally known domain extension.
Makes a good domain for a song search website or app like Pandora. Even for a song review blog, possibilities are endless!

Domain Visual:

All uppercase: SONGBOX.NET
All lowercase:

5 years old (Registered on Aug. 30, 2013)

Current registrar:
GoDaddy (Easy push to your account)

Comparable sales:
Sold for $5,298
Sold for $920
Sold for $1,500
Sold for $988
Sold for $2,900
Sold for $1,500
Sold for $2,500
Sold for $1,288

I am accepting the best offer I get, this may include: money &/or domain trade, or you can buy it now (BIN) & skip the offering process for the price below.

B.I.N: $1000

Payment: PayPal Invoice (you don't need an account you can use your card).