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Taubman Sucks / The Shops At Willow Bend

Mr. Deleted

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Jul 24, 2004
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A while back in 1999, a guy Hank Mishkoff registered shopsatwillowbend.com, and got into a drawn out battle for the domain name, and then he ended up registering taubmansucks.com too, and he ended up winning his case on appeal. Both sites are back online. Here is a video about that case.

Well tonight I got an email from him

I'm sending this to you because, as improbable as it seems, I'm involved in yet another trademark dispute. This time I'm being "sued" by Scholastic Inc. because they want my trademark. (I put "sued" in quotes because the action is in the Trademark Office, not in court.)

Unlike the Taubman Sucks case, this is basically a business issue with no first-amendment implications (the only real similarity is that I'm being bullied by a big company), so I realize that some of you may not be interested in this situation. If that's the case, let me know, I'll remove you from the list.

But if you ARE interested: I've started a blog about the case, it's online at xBookFiles.com. I just launched the blog, I've posted only a few paragraphs so far, but you're more than welcome to take a look, leave comments (or advice :) ), and/or sign up for my RSS feed. It's my first WordPress blog, and it's pretty sparse at this point, but I suspect that it'll be bursting with memorable content in the weeks and months to come.
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