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Aug 25, 2016
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Hi everyone hope you are well during this difficult time.

I am selling the domain name below which has an estimated domain
appraisal on Domainindex for $69,300 with 80% accuracy and its 22 years old. It has
a CPC of: $4.09 and has 49,500 monthly searches on Google. Can be used for housing,
accounts purpose, vehicle tax, tax relief, business tax return or other business related to
tax exemptions.

Domain: TaxExemptions.com
Registrar: Namebright
Renewal Fee: $14
Expires: 22.05.2022
Asking Price: Open to Reasonable Offers
Payment Method: Epik Escrow, Dan or Afternic

Please note it will be best to open an account with namebright so I can push for
transfer after receiving payment.

Thank you.
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