the first domain name auction of China in August 18,Beijing

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Oct 27, 2005
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The first domain name auction agency "Win in Domain" of China recently held a news conference and officially announced on August 18 will be held in Cuigong Hotel first domain name auction. It is learned that this auction goods from the hands of the national assembly of 12 collectors fine cn domain name. Domain name experts estimate that the Senate will take a total of 1 million domain names sold.

Reportedly, the mass line in the domestic domain name auction is the first time the sector, marked by the development of the Internet in China, intellectual property rights are gradually being people's attention to the network. At the same time, China's Internet development will be a powerful impetus to create the social benefits are enormous.

The Senate took all the domain names from July 26, 18 -8 period in, the public display for auction persons choice. It is learnt in the public display, a well-known manufacturers have begun to target.

According to the exhibition organizers about the event to allow more people in the cognitive domain, the cognitive domain name collection / investment industry, and allow more enterprises to understand the importance of domain names in the brand strategy to improve the protection of domain names related to its brand awareness allow more businesses and individuals in the cognitive elite short-related Internet domain names in branding and the importance of the project to promote the process.

The auction is the domain name industry and the investment community many experts support CEO Caiwensheng, general manager of the community Zhongbin success, and domain name collection / investment industry, and jointly participated in the news release.

This fine film domain name auction description : Qipai price functions 300,000.00RMB
An alphabetical domain names, each TLD (domain name suffix), only 26 such Acura domain name, such domain names without any explanation of the concept, it suited to any project or the website, held activities to celebrate this special price, shoot. Qipai price functions 250,000.00RMB
Two fine English alphabet domain names, and almost all the people will understand the concerns of fashion information concept -- a digital video camera. With China's per capita living standards, digital cameras have entered the 10 million families live in a family leisure entertainment necessities.
In the major search engines are the figures now engaged in online sales and Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt manufacturers, and related information technology website very much, mostly in the domain name applications are chosen despite long remember domain name.
Today we take on the such websites or such will be the project development plan for the team will target. Qipai price functions 200,000.00RMB
The three words domain names, meaning clear, a certain English foundation can direct understanding -- art. Generally applied to such domain name industry associations, professional websites, industry renowned enterprises website, too, has a very big advantage of. Qipai price functions 200,000.00RMB
Household concept -- digital video disc technology for the family video entertainment PC data storage and communications. This domain name suitable for the domestic film industry website category, among technology research websites, among many other related products related to the production and marketing project applications; Qipai price possess 80,000.00RMB
We are very familiar with the English-named : Personal Digital Assistant, we were often referred to as "pocket computer", in today's domestic security screening system, traffic management, hotel management, catering, entertainment and many other industries, there are very many applications.
The domain name for numerous devices related products, technology, marketing or research and development related to the application. Qipai price functions 200,000.00RMB
The more Needless to say, there is a little person can be familiar with basic English English words -- books.
The domain name is very direct, and suitable for numerous large online bookshop bookshop official website, a very direct response to industry, the application of relevant domain name will save many line website promotion requirements, a simple extension would be to "look not" effect. with Qipai price functions 360,000.00RMB
The latest popular product concept --Ultra Mobile PC (ultra-portable personal computers).
Two domain names to the film apply to UMPC online marketing, information technology and Internet projects, new projects related to the preferred domain name. functions Qipai price 120,000.00RMB
Similarly a concept of a quality product for many years the concept -- notebook computers, such products are being applied to office, entertainment and other areas.
The domain name targeted, suitable for notebook computer products sales, product information and technical exchanges and other professional portal. Qipai price possess 25,000.00RMB
Clear, "lottery" Quanpin domain name. The domain names targeting is very strong, applicable to lotteries, and other relevant information or online betting website, has been followed by other related applications into a large-scale web sites, in many respects to its value. During the preparation phase of the event, as had been the most popular subject. Qipai price functions 200,000.00RMB
The words are very easy to see that translated into : film.
TV, newspapers, almost all major websites necessary channels and content.
The domain name for online TV / video, the project suitable for professional brand building, due to its own advantage terminology will save many of its development projects related to the promotion expenses. Qipai price functions 100,000.00RMB
This auction domain name only one figure, the original meaning of the registration for "10,086" on the current domain name owner is a very interesting figure, because many factors Now it has become the focus of attention.
Suitable for any industry, because of its digital nature, and if the number of telephone numbers or other collaborative applications can achieve better results.

Walk at the forefront of domestic Internet Pathfinder

Google in the market before entering China spent millions of dollars successfully acquired with two domain names; Tengxun Takeovers domain name reshape the brand completely replace; Microsoft is a live brand in the company before the assistance of a third party in a successful acquisition and and other countries / areas related domain names; the largest U.S. network buy jewellery companies ( to increase in the dominant peer status withstand future competition this year to 7.5 million U.S. dollars just bought Many cases illustrate this : the Internet domain name of the project / brand development is extremely important, more important for large enterprises.

There are many enterprises spend a few million or tens of million purchase of very good numbers, and thus the possibility of the Chinese Ministry of nearly one billion customers call, the telephone numbers of quality of a company's status and identity of the same customer service attitude, but also a gesture towards business opportunities. Rapid growth of the number of Internet users in China today, many enterprises in the hundreds of millions of potential customers visiting the network, should choose a quality domain name.

Yi-side activities of China ( responsible person said that in 2005 his company built the website has changed its name in Chinese domain name registration, domain names and trade exchanges have achieved great accomplishments, such as helping Jinshan repurchase transactions, to eliminate the protection Po, grid back to the South China for the protection of Xujinglei successful cases, but also has organized an online auction on the Internet. The ivory tower and Guangzhou Advisory Services Limited ( co-sponsored the event, because in the implementation of the consensus view was to work together to promote the cause of national development, and promote domain name collection / investment undertakings, and we also hope that the auction will be from the on-line network products to the line, domain name for more and better access to applications and play. This has almost half belong to the domain name registration business for the renamed China, it shows that the renamed China is the largest gathering of investors.

Promote domestic intangibles fair, open and fair trade

Operators days of the event asked the international auction Limited general manager quarter] that the existing domestic auction for the real estate and art are the subject of tangible assets, domain name auction or rare. As auction industry veteran who has been committed to the total quarter auction industry research, more proficient in intangibles auction, he believed that through the current domain name auction will open up a new sub-market to domain names and other intangible assets through a just, open and fair auction, for more good domain names are more appropriate application. According to the understanding, the ivory tower of the event from Guangzhou to host Advisory Services Limited, (Yi-China) - and asked the international day of the auction Co.

Common hope this auction a success

Briefing on the release of the bids for the auction method (+8610-64802568;+8610-64802569), the official website will also open to all Internet users.








本次拍卖会上拍的精品域名简介: 起拍价¥30万

一位英文å*—母域名,每个TLD(域名后缀)ä¸*只有26个这æ*·çš„极品域名,这æ*·çš„域名æ—*需任何概念解释,它适合应用于任何互联网项目或网站,为庆祝本活动召开特æ*‡ä»·ä¸Šæ‹ã€‚ 起拍价¥25万



今天我们上拍的DV.cn将是æ*¤ç±»ç½‘站或者有æ*¤ç±»äº’联网项目发展计划的团队必争目æ*‡ã€‚ 起拍价¥20万

一般æ*¤ç±»åŸŸååº”用于行业协会、行业专业网站、行业著名企业ç*‰ç½‘站,一目了然,具有非常大的优势体现。 起拍价¥20万

家喻户晓的概念——数å*—化视频光碟技术,应用于家åº*影视娱乐,PC数据å*˜å‚¨ä¸Žä¼*æ’*ç*‰ã€‚æ*¤åŸŸåé€‚合于国内DVD类行业网站、DVD技术ç*”发网站、DVD相关产品生产与销售ç*‰ä¼—多相关互联网项目应用; 起拍价¥8万

这个大家也都非常熟悉,英文全名为:Personal Digital Assistant,通常也被我们称为“掌上电脑”,在当今国内的公安安检系统,交通管理,酒店管理,餐饮娱乐ç*‰è¯¸å¤šè¡Œä¸šä¸*都有非常多的应用。

æ*¤åŸŸåé€‚合众多的PDA相关产品、技术、销售或ç*”发ç*‰ç›¸å…³äº’联网应用。 起拍价¥20万

本域名非常直接,适合于众多在线书店与大型书店官方网站,针对行业非常直接,应用æ*¤åŸŸåå°†ä¸ºç›¸å…³ç½‘站节省众多的线下推广经费,简单推广即可达到“过目不忘”的效果。 与 起拍价¥36万

最新流行的产品概念——Ultra Mobile PC(超便携个人电脑)。

两个域名一同上拍,适用于UMPC在线销售、资讯与技术ç*‰äº’联网项目,相关新项目首选域名。 ¥起拍价12万


本域名针对性强,适合于笔记本电脑类产品销售、产品资讯与技术交流ç*‰ä¸“业门户网站。 起拍价¥2.5万



在本次活动准备阶段,已被评为最受欢迎æ*‡çš„。 起拍价¥20万



本域名适合在线电视/视频ç*‰äº’联网项目,适合打é€*专业品牌,由于其词汇本身的优势,将为其相关项目发展节省许多的推广开销。 起拍价¥10万












域或域名(Domain Name)。虽然我们可以直接通过IP地址来访问WWW上的每一台主机,但是由32比特的二进制代ç*ç»„成的IP地址非常难记,为了便于记忆,按照一定的规则给Internet上的计算机起的名å*—就叫做域名。域名前åŠ*上ä¼*输协议信息及主机类型信息就构成了网址(URL)。
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