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The Paul Stahura Story - How He Went from Building Robots to Reconstructing the Domain World


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Jul 15, 2002
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A new Cover Story is out at DNJournal.com. As most of you know, ever since new gTLDs started going live last year, there has been endless debate about what the future holds for these new domain extensions and whether or not they can knock .com off its position at the the top of the domain hill. Interestingly enough, many of the biggest players in the quest to topple the current king were also among the biggest winners in the .com boom two decades ago. Some, like Paul Stahura, Co-Founder and CEO of Donuts Inc. - the largest operator of new domain extensions - have even staked big chunks of their own money on their vision of where the domain business in headed. Stahura is the man who founded one of the world's most successful domain registrars, eNom.com, in his garage back in 1997. There is a fascinating story behind Stahura's long and winding road to eNom and how he wound up at the front of the new gTLD Army after selling Enom (for the second time) nine years ago. You can get all of the details here: http://www.dnjournal.com/cover/2015/july.htm

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