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TheCustomPages.com Launches July 20th!!!! Register Now!

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Mar 21, 2004
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We are launching our custom-oriented search engine and directory on July 20th - just wanted to offer members of this community who may have a business with a custom aspect to it - top ranking opportunity - also be sure to join our forums for some great times!

Here is the official Campaign letter to potential customers:




Dear [web site name],

I am pleased to offer you an opportunity to be one of the first to secure your top rank position on www.TheCustomPages.com, the Internet's first and only custom-oriented search engine, directory and dynamic community - before our official launch and registration date of July 20, 2004! You will be happy to know that we have selected your site and 699 other highly qualified custom-oriented websites to benefit from this opportunity of acquiring the highest rank possible on our 1st come 1st served directories AND take advantage of our incredible introductory 1-year listing price of $15 on BOTH our search engine and directory - before prices go up on Aug 10th 2004.

We are currently undertaking a great online and print marketing campaign that will make TheCustomPages.com an established and highly accessible source for researching custom-oriented products, services and businesses. In the next few months, we will be listed as number #1 on all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) for many relevant 'custom-oriented business' keywords such as; custom gifts, custom merchandise, custom accessories, custom services, custom search engine, custom cars, custom clothing, custom manufacturers along with many other relevant search terms.

What is TheCustomPages.com: TheCustomPages.com is the Internet's first and only custom-oriented directory, search engine and community. We provide both consumers and vendors of custom-made goods and services a medium to connect. Our index and directories are subscription based and reviewed by editors to ensure our listing are only of quality sites and companies.

About TheCustomPages.com SEARCH ENGINE: Our search engine robot "crawls" the Internet once every 2 weeks and caches sites listed on our index to ensure that listings are current and up to date. Our index results work very similar to Google and MSN, taking into account your sites: page content, titles, meta tags among other variables to determine site ranking and position.

About TheCustomPages.com DIRECTORIES: Our directories are the product and service categories that you can find listed on our home page and search page. Your listing on our directories will include a detailed description of your business. Listing position on our directories in based on a first come basis.

About TheCustomPages.com DYNAMIC COMMUNITIES: Our goal is to provide businesses and consumers with a dynamic support community that will connect custom-oriented businesses and individuals, world-wide! Our Forums offer some of the most advanced features found on the Internet, allowing our members to take full advantage of every resource needed to help them express and convey their ideas. Businesses can even sell directly on our forums by making posts with HTML, Flash and Payment Buttons, such as PayPal.

See example post here: click to see an example post that shows how you can sell your product or service directly through our forums

Important: There is a great opportunity now to become a forum moderator. Moderating offers a great chance for a support person within your company to share their expertise and promote your company's custom product or service, regularly on our forums!

How Much Can Your Business Benefit From Listing on TheCustomPages.com: We've created TheCustomPages.com to provide the greatest "return on investment" (ROI) possible for our listed clients. With an introductory listing rate or only $15/year, just one lead or sale can pay for your listing fee - if not much much more!!! In addition, sites listed on our index and directory will be recognized by potential consumers as being part of an exclusive group of established custom-oriented businesses that offer quality products and services.

How Can We Be So Sure that TheCustomPages.com Will Greatly Benefit Your Business: Over the next few months, as exclusive developers of TheCustomPages.com, Random9 Ventures Inc. (R9V.com) will apply its extensive expertise in Search Engine optimization, marketing and advertising to promote TheCustomPages.com as the ultimate source for researching custom-oriented products and services.

Random9 Ventures Inc. is responsible for establishing www.SeatBeltPads.com as an industry leader and premier producer of seat belt pads worldwide, in every sense of the word - in just 9 months! SeatBeltPads.com is ranked #1 in all major search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Google, Lycos, AltaVista) for all of its related search keywords, such as; "seat belt pads", "belt pads", "custom seat belt pads" "leather seat belt pads", "suede seat belt pads", "designer seat belt pads" OR "any car brand" + "seat belt pads" such as "lexus seat belt pads" or "porsche seat belt pads" and many other keywords.

What Else Can I Expect: Over the next few months you can look forward to a major site upgrade and redesign in OCT-NOV, in addition to a site expansion of categories to accomodate a greater amount of listed sites. We will continue our major targeted promotion campaign of TheCustomPages.com, and will have our site search engine optimized to rank #1 in all major search engines for all related keywords by NOV-DEC 2004. e rankings advertising opportunity

Kindest Regards,

Rebecca Jane Lyon
Online Marketing Director

1001 - 1900 Sheppard Ave E
Toronto, Ontario M2J-4T4
Tel: 416-830-3975
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