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All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.


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Jan 5, 2023
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Selling 4 domain names for start-up e-commerce store:


These domains are perfect for attracting potential customers in TikTok. The idea is to have e-commerce store of products discovered in TikTok.

You can post and continue with this tiktok account or just use your website and show there most popular videos from TikTok where products are reviewed. And then link them to amazon or other service and sell these products as affiliate or as drop-shipping model. Most popular "unpacking" or product reviews, which are popularized and then leading them to web store. Best advised to have drop-shipping e-commerce store. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

Or use them anyway way you want.
www.tiknshop.com can be any type of online shop. "Click / tik" and shop..


I created this idea and created blog posts ofpopular videos from TikTok where popular products (found on tiktok) are shown, checked and reviewed.

Then just added automatic embed of Amazon affiliate products. And if anyone buys any of the product from Amazon, i earned a comission.

Based on the loss of interest in TikTok and other business directions I did not have time to continue on this business but it worked.

So I am selling these domains and the idea & logo, brand. If you need assitance in deveoping the solution I had, for you also, we can talk it after the domain sale.

Or use the domain name anyhow you want.


Selling 4 domain names for start-up e-commerce store:


Potential sales offers can be written here, messaged here or sent also to: info@hyperlink.lv


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