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Sep 17, 2021
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I'm Flavio and I'm new in the game.

I wanted to please ask you a quick tip if you don't mind.

When you outbound GEO domains, like city+service, I know it's better to send those mails to the ones that decide, but what when you don't have those mails.

I bought my first domain 4 days ago about city+plumbing ( a city with +200K people ) and when I started searching for the mails 99% of them where the generic info at business name....com .
Even with using tools like hunter, snovio it's impossible to find owner's mail or CEO's ,
those mail are simply not on the web. Probably when it comes to lawyers or dentists it's way easier to find owner's mail, but when we talk about plumbing or roofing, not so much.

Based on your experience, have you noticed any difference in terms of sales when the mails you got where only generic ones ? Have you had success even when this kind of emails were the only ones available ?

I thank you in advance for the time you took to read that, let me know if possible.


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Jul 5, 2021
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Hi Flavio, welcome to DNF powered by Epik.
I not have exp with geo domains, I m still a novice in this digital industry, but if I would not be able to to find their contact e-mail to do outbound, no matter of the domain, my next move would be to find their social media network profiles (most businesses use Linkedin), pages and groups, then try to contact them there and or expose the domain in comments and posts.
The other thing would be also to list the domains on many different marketplaces, to get maximum exposure, in the end if the domain is unique they will find you no matter what. I doubt such businesses don't think/know there is such a domain name.
P.s. I once tried to post on a FB page of a popular tech company that I have a domain for rebranding, which is more important than theirs and my comment was deleted. :D But I not care because they will come beg me to sell it sooner or later.
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