Trademark question


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Jun 18, 2010
I am using a hypothetical example to explain my question.

Coca Cola is a registered trademark. Let's assume ".ola" is a TLD available for everyone to register their domain of their choice.

If I register cocac.ola, would that be in violation?

I know I should be asking this to a lawyer, but if any of you have some experience, please share your expertise. I understand it will not be legal opinion.


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Haven’t really registered too many hacks but in my opinion ...
if you used it in any way to gain revenue from the well known brand you would probably meet their lawyers.
On the other hand if for example your name or your dogs name or your product’s name etc.(you know what I mean) was cocac you shouldn’t have an issue. Just also be careful that none of the content/ads (if any) don’t refer to the well known brand.

Not a lawyer or trying to dispense legal advice...just my common sense opinion.
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