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Traffic – Was It Worth It?

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Jul 29, 2011
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Due to the lower attendance figures at TRAFFIC those people that didn’t attend are likely to be congratulating themselves on their good decision. I think that these same people have really missed the point of TRAFFIC. It's not about numbers of attendees, it's about the quality of the conversations that you have and the business generated from them. Let me say from the outset that TRAFFIC Vegas will probably end up being one of the best conferences that I’ve ever attended in the history of my domain business.

So why is this? It’s really simple. I can only have about 20 meaningful conversations at a conference so as far as I’m concerned as long as the right 20 people attend I’m happy. In my opinion here is where TRAFFIC really has it right. The right people did attend.

It may seem strange but one of the things I love about TRAFFIC is the high price. It immediately pre-qualifies attendees as those that are more serious about building their domain businesses. I know that there are other serious domain investors that weren’t able to attend TRAFFIC for various reasons but at least I knew that those at TRAFFIC Vegas were really focused about investing in both themselves and their own businesses. This tending to mean that each conversation was really worthwhile from a business perspective.

So what happened at TRAFFIC? As usual there were some excellent speakers including a surprise visit from the former mayor of Las Vegas himself, Oscar Goodman (he was a real character!). I’m now a proud owner of a signed copy of his book.

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