Traffic/Revenue names. All price ranges.

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Sep 24, 2005
I am looking to buy traffic and revenue names. Go-Daddy registered and Sedo parked is prefered, with more of a preference to Go-Daddy registered.

Price range is XX, to XX,XXX. Send names by PM, and please be as brief as possible. If I have to scratch my head to figure out why the name is good then I probably don't want it. I should be able to see the name and see its value immediately, or do a 5 second Google search and have my answer.

Send your names and best prices and maybe we can do some deals. To all of those I don't reply to...thanks for the names. I won't be buying every name I want immediately, so I may get back to you at a future date.

Generic names are better, but send typos, as well. Anything with legitimate traffic and/or revenue. I don't have a fixed multiple for PPC.....just looking to make some deals. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.