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auctions TT.GS on Live Auction on Bido - just 38$ opening bid

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Aug 5, 2009
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TT.GS is a Very Short domain, n is up for grabs at the cheapest possible price.. just starting at 38 bucks. m just trying to shred some info about the tld extension followed-by a list of possible choices...

Domain Name: TT.GS / tt.gs

Short Domain, lot of search results on google and hence could be an abbreviation for a lot of other company websites and stuff, thus lot of scope for development or enduser hunt

About GS domains hail from the Sandwich Islands off the southern tip of South America . South Georgia is knows as one of the most important breeding grounds and habits for the penguin. It is surrounded by a nest of other islands all in the South Atlantic Ocean. Also known for the early introduction at the turn of the century of the Reindeer, this seems and unlikely place for an Internet use requiring its own gs domain name. Against all odds, GS domain names and gs domain registration does exist and can be accessed by those in need of gs domains.

GS domain names are proof that the world wide Internet can be taken any place these days and remain a technological creation that is perfect for use in every country and region in the world. For those who are interested in the use of the World Wide Web or for those who are attempting to create an Internet web site for their company and live in this region, you can find information on gs domain registration, at the Internet address of http://www.godomains.com.au/info/gs. This site explains a lot of information on the details of gs domains. It can also help anyone in need of assistance with their site as well as those who need a back up web hosting company to support their Internet web site. This site explains prices, terms and also includes an F A Q section where you can search for answers to questions you might have about anything related to gs domains or gs domain names.

Really long list of some possible Definitions

Acronym    Definition
TT    Trinidad & Tobago (top-level domain)
TT    Tourist Trophy (Isle of Man)
TT    Title (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
TT    Twin Turbo
TT    The Truth
TT    Travel Trailer
TT    Tom Tom (drums)
TT    The Thing (John Carpenter movie)
TT    Talk To
TT    Take That (band)
TT    Top Ten
TT    Transport Tycoon (game)
TT    Total Time (aviation)
TT    Thermaltake (PC cooling industry)
TT    Texas Tech (University)
TT    Try This
TT    Teen Titans (cartoon)
TT    Test Track (Disney attraction)
TT    The Titans (game)
TT    TeleTubbies
TT    Turntable
TT    Toyota Tercel
TT    TrueType (Microsoft font)
TT    Tina Turner (singer)
TT    Technology Transfer
TT    To Taste (recipes)
TT    Tag Team
TT    Thoroughbred Times (newsletter)
TT    Tank Top (shipbuilding)
TT    Tow Truck
TT    Turk Telekom (Turkey)
TT    Trustee (IRB)
TT    TeleText
TT    The Trenches (gaming, Half-Life modification)
TT    Treatment Technique
TT    Trouble Ticket
TT    The Two Towers (second Lord of the Rings movie)
TT    Trailer Trash
TT    Two Towers (second Lord of the Rings movie)
TT    Toontown
TT    Telegraphic Transfer
TT    Torah Tidbits (weekly publication)
TT    Triple Threat (Prince tennis racket)
TT    Tetanus Toxoid
TT    Tractor Trailer
TT    Triple Threat (WWE match)
TT    Tiny Tim (entertainer)
TT    Transition Town (sustainability project community; various locations)
TT    Travel & Tourism
TT    Troubled Teen
TT    Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (Swedish National News Agency)
TT    Trending Topic (Twitter)
TT    Three Towns (beer)
TT    Tiny Toons (TV Show)
TT    Total Tackles (football stat)
TT    Text-Telephone (TTY is preferred)
TT    Transcription and Translation
TT    Thrombin Time
TT    timed text
TT    Triple Tube
TT    Team Talk (web forum)
TT    Turing Test (Artificial Intelligence)
TT    Totus Tuus (Latin: All Yours; chiefly religious)
TT    Teletypewriter
TT    Test Temperature
TT    Tampa Tribune (Tampa, FL newspaper)
TT    Twelve Tribes (Twelve Tribes of Israel)
TT    Target Text
TT    Temple Terrace (Florida city)
TT    Talking Time (call center)
TT    Technical Translation
TT    Temperature Transmitter
TT    Timmy Turner (cartoon character)
TT    Transaction Time (call center)
TT    Terrestrial Time
TT    Target Tracking
TT    Triple Time
TT    Tyne-Tees
TT    Torpedo Tube(s)
TT    Temperament Tested
TT    Total Temperature
TT    TheaterTek (media player)
TT    Technology Transition
TT    Task Type
TT    Turn Time
TT    Transition Technologies
TT    Tails-Tails (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
TT    Terminal Transfer
TT    Treatment Team
TT    Temporary Total Disability (Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation)
TT    Tri-Tone (music)
TT    Traveling Time
TT    Timo Tolkki (band)
TT    Triple Triad (card game)
TT    Tube Trailer
TT    Telephone Technician
tt    Tatarian (language identifier; RFC 3066)
TT    Tank Table
TT    Through Tubing
TT    Trunk Type
TT    Time Trial(s) (racing/sporting events)
TT    Treasure Trooper
TT    Trenton Thunder (minor leauge baseball)
TT    Thornton Tomasetti (structural engineering company)
TT    Theutates Thunder (gaming)
TT    Townsend Thoresen (UK ferry company)
TT    Twin Tub
TT    Thurn and Taxis (prominent German family)
TT    Transtejo (Lisbon ferry company)
TT    Tokyo Toshokan
TT    Titan Tower (TV show)
TT    Thigh Toner (strength-building exercise)
TT    Tube Turns
TT    Translation Types
TT    Tuberculin Tested (cattle)
TT    Torrential Tribute (Yugioh cards)
TT    Tactical Terminals
TT    Trenton Titans (minor league hockey)
TT    TriTube (French)
TT    Tyson Tomko (WWE wrestler)
TT    Thirty-Two Thirty-Two (Atari computers)
TT    TroyTech (Troy High School; Fullerton, CA)
TT    Transmit Tip
TT    Tula Tokareva (Russian pistol)
TT    Trinidadian Dollar
TT    Transfer Tree
TT    TransiTALK (website)
TT    Tundra Times (newspaper)
TT    Topical Time (publication, American Topical Association)
TT    Troop Test
TT    Tracking Technician
TT    Teatro Technicus
TT    Tandem Turn
TT    Todo-O-Terreno (4x4) (Portuguese: All terrain)
TT    Teetotal/Teetotaller
TT    Tactical Tables
TT    DCS/Technical Training (USAF)
TT    Technical Test/ing
TT    Trailing Tire
TT    Trusted Territories
TT    Taxi Tran
TT    Temperature Transducer
TT    Transthoracic
TT    Table Top (model railroad scale, 2.5mm = 1 ft. in USA, or 3mm = 1 ft. UK)
TT    Tabletop
TT    Taco Time (various locations)
TT    Twitter Trend
TT    Ta Ta
TT    Table Tennis
TT    Technological Turbulence[/spoiler]
[Spoiler] GS    Girl Scout
GS    Games Started (sports statistic)
GS    General Schedule
GS    Gran Sport (Buick)
GS    Golden State
GS    Global Sources
GS    Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GS    Green Seal (environmental standard)
GS    Grade School
GS    Gold, Silver
GS    Graduate Student
GS    General Store (various locations)
GS    Ghostscript
GS    General Service
GS    General Surgery
GS    Geological Survey
GS    Gold Standard
GS    Giant Slalom
GS    General Support
GS    GuideStar
GS    Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL newspaper)
GS    Gas Station
GS    Grand Slam (baseball)
GS    German Shepherd
GS    Ground Station
GS    Generator Set
GS    Game Show
GS    Good Shepherd
GS    Gedeputeerde Staten
GS    Gamespot (video game website)
GS    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (ISO country code, top level domain)
GS    Garden State
GS    Ground Support
GS    Gamestop (video game store)
GS    Gameshark
GS    General Secretary (in colleges of India)
GS    Gauss
GS    Good Samaritan
GS    General Science
GS    Glide Slope
GS    Global Studies (education)
GS    Golden Sun (gaming)
GS    Gene Simmons (musician)
GS    Godsmack (band)
GS    Gaza Strip
GS    Good Shot (games)
GS    General Specification
GS    Geprüfte Sicherheit (German: Proved Safety law)
GS    General Staff
GS    Government Security
GS    George Strait (country music artist)
GS    Grade Scale (US federal government wage level)
GS    Gyroscope
GS    Galvanized Steel
GS    Game Site
GS    Gleichstrom (German: Direct Current)
GS    George School (Pennsylvania)
GS    Gundam Seed (anime)
GS    Get Smart (1960s TV show)
GS    Guidance System
GS    General Synod
GS    Ground Speed
GS    Gaelic Storm (Celtic band)
GS    Global Solution
GS    Governor's School
GS    Government Systems
GS    Glomerulosclerosis
GS    Graphics and Sound (Apple Computers)
GS    Group Separator (ASCII character 29)
GS    Group Separator
GS    Global Supplier
GS    Geopathic Stress (alleged illness caused by electromagnetivity)
GS    Giant Spider (gaming, Tibia Massive Multiplayer Online RPG)
GS    Grass Seed
GS    Geronimo Stilton (book series)
GS    Group Status (insurance)
GS    Government Surplus
GS    General Solution
GS    Ground System
GS    General Statute
GS    Ground Segment
GS    Guide to the Scriptures
GS    Geochemical Society
GS    Game Spy (game)
GS    Golden Slumbers (Beatles song)
GS    General Systems
GS    Gauss-Seidel (algorithm)
GS    Genso Suikoden (Konami game)
GS    Ground Start (telecommunications)
GS    Gear Score (World of Warcraft)
GS    GameSurge
GS    General Stock
GS    Graded Series
GS    Graceful Shutdown
GS    Gang Show (scout/guide)
GS    Grace Slick (singer)
GS    Gilbert's Syndrome (liver disorder)
GS    Geek Speak
GS    German Silver (rabbit breed)
GS    Snow Pellets (METAR precipitation)
GS    Grip Safety (firearms)
GS    Geomagnetic Field
GS    Government Stock(s)
GS    GeoStrategic
GS    Guidance Section
GS    Guilty Spark
GS    Gestational Sac (intrauterine structure)
GS    Grub Screw
GS    Güzel Sanatlar
GS    Goldshire (gaming)
GS    Geometer's Sketchpad (education)
GS    Griscelli Syndrome
GS    General Surveillance
GS    Groton School (Massachusetts)
GS    Guy Smiley (Sesame Street character)
GS    Gelände-Strasse (German: Off-Road / On-Road; motorcycles)
GS    Grand Soul (gaming)
GS    General Station
GS    Group Station (Oil and Gas)
GS    Guest Scientist (program)
GS    Gelijkstroom (Dutch: Direct Current)
GS    Glide Scope
GS    Gravity Switch
GS    Graphics Synthesiser (Sony PlayStation2)
GS    Galilee Society (Israel)
GS    Generic Switch
GS    Grissom Sara (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show)
GS    Global Shield
GS    Galatasaray Sports Club (Turkey soccer club)
GS    General Satellite Corporation
GS    Geekshelter (website)
GS    Guided Scrambling
GS    Generator Shelter
GS    Guidance Subsystem
GS    General Support Series
GS    Growth Sire
GS    Guteral Steel
GS    (USN Rating) Gas Turbine System Technician
GS    South Georgia & The South Sandwich Island (ISO country code)
GS    Gulf States Mennonite Conference (Philadelphia, MS)
GS    General Study (education)
GS    Gigasample (audio)

Auction started on November 19, 9:00 pm EST - ends on Saturday, 24th November 2012 at 10 AM


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