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Jun 25, 2022
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Used Cars in New TLDs

Many new TLDs now charge $12,000 year renewals on this term.

This is one of biggest industries in world

Trillions a year

There's 50,000 New & Used Car Dealers just in USA.

All can benefit via SEM or SEO from being on GEO sub domains of these solid EMDs for big Car Dealer terms.

So, these are all potential fractional use portals that can generate millions in fees from car dealers via managing SEM services.

I will finance if needed.

$100k cash via

Or terms
10% down $10k
$1k month 10 years

All at NameCheap
Close to a full year left until expire

Big dealers will pay you thousands a month for landing pages steering them used cars traffic that you buy at Google for them.

These EMDs can save Dealers over 50% in PPC costs.

Car Dealers & Lawyers are the two largest ad buyers

These EMDs give you instant entry into being a Car Dealer Ad Agency which is big money.

Own a ad agency portal with any of these big industry EMDs.

DM offers but $100k is a fraction of what they can make with just 10 clients.

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