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Oct 21, 2011
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--triplet vowel "U".
--Beautifully LOGO oriented domain.
--2 years of age at Godaddy.
--Only Good offers
--Re-listing the domain for sale after today's published article from 101domains.com on .bz, good opportunity for domain collectors and investors.

Belize (.bz)
Put Some Buzz In Your Business With .BZ
Tropical, balmy Belize is a relatively young Central American country, having established its independence in 1981. Historically, everyone from the Spanish to the British to neighboring Guatemala have leveraged or vied for control over this coveted region, recognizing its natural assets and enormous growth potential. Tourists flock to Belize to explore fascinating ancient ruins.
The Belizean government is committed to improving Belize's economic future through trade and tourism. In today's digital world, harnessing the power of the Internet is integral to being a major player in the global marketplace. Just as the Internet helped drive the explosive growth of Belize's tourism industry, it's doing the same for trade in agriculture, aquaculture and manufacturing.
Belize has the good fortune of its identifying Country Code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD) being ".bz." Now that countries including Belize typically license their domain names for commercial use, companies worldwide tend to make .bz a synonymous abbreviation for "business" or "buzz." That's right; you don't have to reside in Belize to use a .bz domain name. It's open to anyone, anywhere, regardless of geographic location, just like .com, .net, and .org.
Words Ending in "BZ"
The registry is open to the world. Words ending in .bz could also be used in other creative ways. You can make it part of your website's domain name, for example, you could further personalize these generic names: nightclu.bz, beachclu.bz or taxica.bz.
Possible Meanings For "BZ" From Abbreviations.com...
Band Zero | Battle Zone | Berliner Zeitung (Newspaper in Berlin) | Big Zip | Bolzano (Province in Italy) | Bravo Zulu (Navy for Well Done) | British Zone | Bronx Zoo | Brookfield Zoo | Buffer Zone
BZ is the stock symbol for Boise Inc. Together with its subsidiaries, Boise Inc. engages in the manufacture and sale of packaging and paper products in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. Many websites in Italy use this domain, because of the abbreviation of Bolzano and the fact that the official abbreviation of the province of South Tyrol is BZ. So whether you want to associate your company with the exotic appeal of Belize or to give your domain name a more business-savvy connotation, .bz just might open a lot of opportunities for your company.
To learn more about the .bz domain name as well as other Carribean domains, visit www.101domain.com, specifically:
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