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President Gringo

looks like i'm not the only one who thinks wanda has some "issues" she needs to take care of.
Originally posted by President Gringo
looks like i'm not the only one who thinks wanda has some "issues" she needs to take care of.

I have encourage Vialli to begin a new thread & to cut an paste what he feels' necessary from this post.. to the new thread.. so that his original thread will not be beat up with insugnificant, non relevant posts..

Ya know.. I rarely have folks who have a 'problem' with me Mr.President.. not sure, why you do.. however, i have many witnesses who would vouche for my 'sane' 'decent' 'worthy' posts and appraisals on Anic.. One of those would be oohdale, who is a member here as well.. That man (Tommy Brown) has read every word of every post ever on Anic since he became an exchange member... I know, without a shadow of a doubt, he would disagree with the words posted against my character here.... your welcome to ask him.. and you can tell him msWanda invited you to do so. I'm sure he won't mind.... He was after all the Anic ForumCheif.. and a dear friend.. who ide' give my right arm for..

here's oohdale's info.

My aim is oohdale7 and my msn is oohdale
Tommy Brown 3371 South 35th Road Humansville,Mo 65674


Originally posted by timechange
Cheetah you must be fast but you sound slow in the brains. Which post of Wanda's IN THIS FORUM did you find insulting or containing a demeaning remark? If anything else, your posts here starting at #1 are all insulting and attacking someone without any proof.

Cheetah it's you that needs to go get a life buddy.
The posts in question are not in this forum... if you payed attention and read carefully (before jumping so quick to defend you sweetheart) you would see that they are in afternic

Thank you for the kind words.
Fortunately I am as fast in the brains as I am on my feet.

p.s maybe you read too fast :)


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Apr 5, 2002
It's clear that the moderators are happy to let this forum become Wanda's private little playground.

Meanwhile, the smart money has left the room.

I was the first to point this out to the moderators, and as evidenced above, I won't be the last.


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Apr 10, 2002
Just a reminder of my previous post. Unfortunately it's been ignored?

Hold on one minute!

This thread was meant to be for members to post their own valuation models to help assist other domainers with improving their knowledge of the Domain Name game.

If you want to make accusations towards other members please take it outside this thread and into the 'playground'.

I thought that this idea was probaly my best post since i became a member, so come on guys/gals lets help each other.

Many Thanks

Obviously my time is wasted in posting such comments.
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