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May 6, 2005
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If I may say so: You have a wonderful site! :) Good luck with the sale.


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May 8, 2005
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fryman04 said:
I am selling a cheats site.

The cheats come from a database and include over 50,000 cheats. Reason for selling? I want to go to study at Canada and need all the money I can get hold of.

Site is well indexed by all the search engines, Google shows over 10,000 pages.
PR4, coop weight of 8.8k

Marketleap shows over 100,000 backlinks.

I haven't put any real effort in making a decent income from the site. I just use it to put up links to other sites. However a couple of months ago I decided to slap on some ads from interclick and it earned $119 in May and $104 in June. Adsense ads are really lousy for this kind of sites and only pay a few cents per click. I earned $42 in May and $27 in June.

I don't have a Fastclick or Casale account, if you do, you could easily earn much more with them. I am currently using an intersitial, a popunder and a slider on the site.

I also get some clicks from Azoogle banners and site earned $26 in May and $17 in June

Nice traffic:

March: 33462 visits
April: 36540 visits
May: 46749 visits
June: 46537 visits
(don't have more stats because I moved the site to my own VPS)

Site has been online for over a year. It is well know among gamers. Even the domain has an overture of 96!

Looking for low-mid $x,xxx offers. Hoping to sell here before going to Ebay. Feel free to ask any questions, and only bid if you are serious. Last time I tried selling this I ended up with an offer from some jerk that then said that he "wasn't interested any more in the site".

Payment via Escrow, or Paypal if you are a well known member in the forum.
Payment expected in the next 48 hours after sell ends. I will work with you until you are all set up and happy with the site. I can also continue hosting it for a while if you need so.
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