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developed veepy dot com - Automatic Viral Website - 30k UV in May

John Baron

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Jul 30, 2009
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I started this project but i just don't have any more time to invest on it so looking for a quick sale,

veepy dot com - its a viral posts website , a lot of tweaks and effort had put into its desgin
its running on wordpress , there are few thousands post on it currently , all of them are viral stuff , you can take a look at the site to understand the topics.

traffic vary, when a post goes viral the traffic explode , at the highest days i had 22k UV (mostly USA/UK)
you can see for example this post:
which still brings around 50-100 UV a day and it prime it brought around 20k a day
you can see the traffic on the week it got posted http://prntscr.com/7bhr0t

on the month of may the site had a total of 30k UV , prntscr.com/7bhvx4
again it vary , once a post picks on social network it can really boom , now the day to day traffic is about 100-300 daily without any social craze.
GEO prntscr.com/7bhwfy

on this website i have installed the plugin bullet viral traffic with additional sources bulletviraltraffic.com/special-offer-datasources/-
that plugin pulls out viral content from the top viral sites and places it on the site automatically.
i also have a very reliable girl from the Philippines who knows the job and post 10 viral posts for $6 if you want to mix it up. in addition on the site there is a paid plugin called Wordpress auto spinner who will make the content unique.

there is also paid automatic youtube plugin that can slowly drip down videos from youtube from any channel you select.

this can totally run on auto pilot if you want.

on the website i got the fallowing paid plugins that are included on the sell:
SEO Yoast premium
Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
Wordpress Auto Spinner
bullet viral traffic + additional sources
YouTube Video to Post

in addition to the website come the Facebook page (all real likes , i didn't bought any fake likes as they can be harmful to your page) facebook.com/veepypage
and twitter fan page with 5000 followers https://twitter.com/Veepy9

since i was planning for a long term project and didn't expect all this traffic i didn't even try to monatze the traffic , so there is no profit reports , plenty of options , from content.ad taboola.com , google adsense and CPA offers.

i am giving out a very cheap BIN price as i want to make this quick as i really don't have time to deal with it, $1850 - that almost about the worth of the plugins on this website alone.

please let me know if you need any more info or additional traffic screenshots etc,

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