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Verisign to plug-in

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Verisign to go the plug-in route???

To All IDN Registrars,
Thank you for the positive response and valuable feedback resulting from my last communication. I want to reassure you that we are committed to your success on this program. We have worked very hard to ensure the next steps reflect a long-term strategy.

I am pleased to announce two positive steps, designed to help maintain your IDN market share, re-energize your renewal efforts and help you capitalize on the untapped IDN market opportunity. The first is the extension of the IDN registrations, which are coming up for renewal beginning July 9th, 2002.

The second is the Beta availability of the IDN browser plug-in and the email plug-in, which provides IDN resolution and enhances usability.

IDN Extensions

In listening to your feedback, it became clear that maintaining customer satisfaction as well as your IDN market share was a key concern and in the forefront of your thoughts. To address this, VGRS will extend, free of charge, all IDN registrations that are currently scheduled for renewal between July 9, 2002 and November 8, 2002, for a duration of 4 months. For additional details regarding this extension, please visit [LINK]. This is driven by our commitment to help you retain your IDN market share while we all proactively work on the distribution of the IDN browser and email plug-in.

FREE IDN Plug-in Availability

The IDN browser and email plug-ins are free and the Beta version will be available on June 24, 2002 and July 11, 2002 respectively. You can go to www.idnnow.com at that time for additional information and to download the IDN resolution plug-in (LangResolve) and the internationalized domain name email plug-in (LangMail).

We first told you of this initiative back in April of this year. This lightweight plug-in enables the resolution of an internationalized domain name, while retaining the original script in the browser line. Previously using the server based "bridge technology" we were able to functionally resolve an internationalized domain name; however, the RACE string would supplant the original internationalized domain name in the browser bar, causing confusion and a negative user experience overall. The user naturally had a hard time reconciling the RACE string to the internationalized domain name they had entered. Neither could they bookmark a list of their favorite internationalized domain name sites, nor view the trail of the IDN sites they had visited. Email was and continues to be an important application. LangMail, the email plug-in for MS Outlook 2000 and 2002, will enable a user to send emails such as [email protected]. We will continue to add support for additional email clients, such as Outlook Express throughout the year.


In parallel to the above efforts, we are working on massive distribution of the plug-in using a number of channels. In the coming months I will update you on our successes. I am confident the continued enhancement of the IDN plug-in, coupled with an aggressive and broad-based distribution strategy will renew the internationalized domain name demand, well beyond the levels we experienced at the beginning of the testbed. It will also encourage the usage of internationalized domain names, which in turn further drives adoption. I welcome your offers to distribute the client to your partners, registrants, and end-users. Again please refer to our site www.idnnow.com to contact us to become a distribution partner.

We are committed to your success in the IDN program and to proactively serve you, our customers. I will continue to share updates on our plans going forward for internationalized domain names. If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us directly through either [email protected] or 703-925-6999.


Don Telage
Senior Vice President
Internationalized Naming Systems
VeriSign® Global Registry Services
Domain Summit 2024
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