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Mar 12, 2006
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I get a lot of inquiries about this one. I purchased the domain name a few years back with great plans to build a commerce site. Never got around to it. I would like to sell this week.

Google search for "video ipod" leads to 4.8 million results.
All other extension for videoipod have been taken already (.net, .mobi, .org, .us., etc. etc). I am selling the version.

I'll be honest. This is the only domain I own that is for sale. I'm not a regular in this biz. I've had valuations done on the name. Some people tell me it's one of the most coveted and valuable domains available. Others tell me it's just middle of the road. You decide.

In the few years that I've owned the domain name, I've probably received an inquiry from someone wishing to purchase an average of once every few weeks or so. Some serious. Some not. I've always responded 'not interested in selling'.

I will sell now if I can get the right price. I'll try to be reasonable. For a few grand, I'll just hang on to it, but if you're interested beyond that, please let me know.

Apple doesn't seem to care that I own this domain. Never had a problem.

Serious offers only please.

Thanks for your interest.
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