Wanted domains... green and food related

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Oct 16, 2011
My budget is between $200 and $7K (per domain)... a wide range I know, but this isn't for a client, instead for myself.

Before you bother sending me a domain, understand I have an extreme allergy to the suffix .net

I prefer .com's, can stand a .org or two, and have my fair share of .info's

NO .NET !!!

Please send away. I'll respond within a couple of days regardless of interest.


I'm looking for green and food related... use your imagination.

**UPDATE (2-10-2013)**

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to respond to this thread. I know submitting domains to threads like this can be not only time consuming, but somewhat exhausting (I've been on that end before). Because of that, it was my every intention to send individual messages to everyone who responded, but I had no idea how many messages I would receive and how much time that would take. I have in fact had communications with a few of you, and gone on to purchase a few domains, including one that was exactly what I was looking for (THANKS DVESTORS) and a couple of keyword domains as well.

A few people asked if I was looking for green domains OR food domains OR some sort of combination thereof. The answer to that question was a loose definition of a combination thereof. So, the overwhelmingly large number of names sent to me relating to the energy sector didn't at all suit my needs, and the large number of domains sent to me concerning specific foods at least weren't what I was looking at this moment (the latter of which could change in the future). For those of you who had domains relating to the latter, I've taken notes on what you had just in case those specific needs arrive.

This search moving forward will be ongoing, but I think at this time I'LL BE LOOKING MAINLY FOR DOT COMS WITH SOME MEASUREMENT OF EXACT SEARCH VOLUME AS IT PERTAINS TO THE INDUSTRY. ADDITIONALLY, I'LL BE LOOKING AT PRICE as I'm pretty aware and have been for some time of what's on the auction networks. With that said, I'm not in the need for brandables looking forward. And again, thanks to every who has taken the time to respond... It's greatly appreciated. And, you may continue to do so in the future if you please.
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