moniker WARNING: Privacy whois Issues and failures at (keydrive) ... AGAIN!

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Jul 12, 2005
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Not meaning to bring up an old topic but had a issue today at Moniker.

I reg 3 names, select privacy, pay and baam, check for kicks about 2 hrs later and there is all my info on all 3, no privacy. I double check my order and sure enough I selected privacy. So just to be sure and know they will refund easily, buy privacy again for each name. Several hours of today my info was public. Eventually tonight the privacy kicked in just in time so as not to be cached in history and I received an auto refund.

I have XXX names at Moniker, I like them tbh, easy to navigate, not bad pricing and lately support is decent again. My question is what is so wrong with their privacy implementation? I have XXX names there with privacy, all of them worked instantly when purchased but it now appears to me this is an issue at times. Privacy is important and selected for a reason. I believe I read a section of their TOS that states if privacy doesn't work it is not their fault/not liable.

Moniker, I like you, get someone on this issue, why is activating privacy STILL an issue at times, technical reason behind it, fix it.
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Jul 9, 2005
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I've said so many times, ditch those lousy services... you can do the privacy yourself: a P.O. box number, virtual phone number, a corporation if desired.
It is cost-effective when you have a lot of domains, so you don't pay the extra with each domain for useless 'privacy'.

To repeat myself, privacy is not the same as anonymity. The registrar knows the identity of the account holder (and who pays the bill). In case a UDRP is filed against you, the identity of the account holder is disclosed to the panel, and will ultimately show up in the rulings that are public and indexed in google.

Think ahead.
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