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Oct 23, 2006
Edinburgh, UK
Hey guys,

Decided I'm going to focus on my ebook sales so getting rid of my streaming sites. One such casualty is It has PR1, and used to get a lot of traffic but as I haven't promoted at all recently, it now receives about 30 uniques a day.

It's ranking in yahoo for:
free online satellite tv
free satellite tv on pc
free sky tv on your pc
free tv on pc
watch sky sports for free

and makes maybe a sale or 2 every couple of days (though this isn't guaranteed obviously), you get $9.95 a sale so still a nice little revenue. If you promote this in PPC it converts very well, unfortunately my paypal is frozen so i'm done with them and as that's really the processor of choice for these kind of sites I'm getting out of them altogether.

The site has about 1k backlinks, age, and is a good building block for any1 wanting into these sites. I want a quick sale at $100. Will accept payment by paypal, epassporte but will accept neteller or moneybookers.

Hit me up on msn at

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