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Nov 6, 2009
Turnkey webiste for sale. You will received unique content as is stated in describe.

Turnkey website with selling rights to financial software for sale. Our company is engaged in licensing know-how in the field of financial markets. Our goal is to create high-quality indicators for financial instruments such as Forex, commodities and stocks. Currently we have an indicator that can be used to create a trading strategies. The indicator offers a quality trading signals that have a great potential for the creation of robust and profitable strategies.

What you will get?

In case of purchase of the Turnkey website you will receive selling rights for the PPR indicator and Expert Advisor, through which it is possible to test and automatically trade the individual values of the indicator. This way you will also get a system ready for testing and trading for your own trading, if you are concerned with investing in financial markets. In case of purchase you will receive an indicator named Forex Indicator or with a name according to your requirements.

In case of purchase of this website, a buyer will also receive a unique domain name, Wordpress page with a unique text, little different from actual text and other content as you can find here. This webpage will be uploaded to your hosting and the domain will be transferred to your account at

What is PPR indicator?

This indicator is a high-quality indicator that generates trading signals on the basis of price range. The indicator contains five variables for settings, for each position separately. With the PPR indicator it is possible to trade and test strategies on all instrument such as Forex, commodities and stocks and also on all Timeframes. The PPR indicator was designed to capture larger and long-term movements on the market, but it can also be used for short-term price movements on the market.

Worth of the software.

If you got a similar indicator and Expert Advisor created according to your requirements, you would pay more than $ 1,500 only for the programming services.

How to use the indicator and Expert Advisor?

The indicator and Expert Advisor are designed for the platform Metatrader4.

Results of testing and trading signals.

On the webpage here, you can view the results of testing on some instruments and also on the webpage here you can view some of the trading signals generated through the indicator.

What are the advantages of selling your own digital product?

- There is no need to pay sales commission
- You will receive 100% from each sale, not only an affiliate commission, eg. 30%
- You can set your selling price
- You can offer the software with the name of your choice
- You can create your own official website according to your needs, not just put affiliate banners on your blog
- You can test the indicator and put your own content and recommendations on your website
- You can offer high quality software for trading in financial markets
- It is functional software for which it is possible to substantiate the test results
- Possibility to create your own affiliate network
- You can offer an unlimited amount of licences
- You will get a system for your own trading

Functions of Expert Advisor:

Max trades:
Multitrading: (When set to True, EA trades the number of positions according to the setting in "Max Trades"
Long signal: (True/False)
Short signal: (True/False)
Lot: (Position size in lots)
(Position Sizing)
PR: (Percentage of total risk capital )
R1max: (Percentage of risk capital per trade)
TP: (Takeprofit)
TPClose: (Take-profit on Open price; if set to 0, the position is closed at the next Open price, if set to 1, the position is closed at the second Open price etc.
SL: (Stoploss)

Price for this website is $470. I´m taking offers from $200 for consideration.