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Weloveservers Review - No Way, Ever


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May 23, 2012
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I have more than 40 reseller accounts with different hosters, where I host my and my clients' sites.

Among those hosters, I call Weloveservers the worst one. I have two accounts with them. Often times something crashes, something gets broken, something gets down. Yes eventually they fix everything, but why do I need these problems, why do I need to spend my time on writings with their support, and why do my clients need to suffer those downtimes?

Among those 40+ hosters, at more than a half of them I don't even know their support exist. Just because nothing ever gets broken, that's why. People just work and their servers are working.

Here are only a few of my tickets with Weloveservers for a recent time, you can see what I'm forced to spend my time for:

Ticket #405822

Me: I can't add Package nor Account in my WHM.

WLS: I have given the re seller privilege to your account in WHM.

Ticket #923425

Me: My site *** doesn't open, although opens with www.

WLS: The issue has been sorted.

Ticket #211780

Me: I can't login to *** site. Neither /wp-admin nor /wp-login. The site itself seems to be working.

WLS: The issue is sorted now.

Ticket #638024

(After server migration)

Me: Now i have Error establishing a database connection on all my sites.

WLS: Seems you have updated name-servers now. Please wait for 24 hours for global propagation. ***(!!!)

Me: DNS have obviously propagated, otherwise how could the database error ever show up? ***(quite obvious, no?)

WLS: The issue has been sorted now.

Ticket #842462

Me: No site nor WHM opens at this server.

WLS: We are working on this issue with our NOC and it will be fine in few minutes.

Ticket #607078

Me: My site *** doesn't work.

WLS: DB issue resolved and your domain is loading fine now.

Ticket #695116

Me: i have 508 on *** .

WLS: I have resolved the issue.

Ticket #249247

Me: I can't access WHM nor cpanel. Nor from the client area.

WLS: We have seen network outage in our DC, it has been resolved.

I just don't get it. If you provide hosting, why do you have these ridiculous bugs all the time? No one of 40+ my other hosters has them nearly in that scale, if ever.

And the last straw was when they have put both my accounts on one server with same IP's. I tried to call upon their support' logic - what a point to sell two reseller hostings on the same IP's? Reseller means I would re-sell it to my clients; how could I explain to my clients why two servers are on the same IP's, and why any client would ever need this? I asked this twice, with no any reasonable answer.

I just have enough. Well I don't know if Weloveservers really like their servers; but they certainly don't like their clients.

I hope this my Weloveservers review would be useful to someone.
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Jun 14, 2013
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thanks for sharing, how many days is between first trouble ticket and last one ?

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