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Kevin Daste

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Nov 4, 2003
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A friend of mine received this email: From Sedo or Spam?

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

at the moment, you have a website listed for sale on Sedo. However, the website does not have the sedoTracker-Banner to track visitor numbers.

If you do not build the sedoTracker-Banner into your webpresence within the next seven days, your website listing will unfortunately have to be removed from sedo.com .

Please build the sedoTracker-Statistic into your website so our customers can get accurate and complete information about the visitors numbers on your listed website.

In order for your sedoTracker to count visitor numbers, you must put a small HTML-Code on your site. Your personal HTML-Code with full instructions for its use can be found when you log in to www.sedotracker.com under the menu 'Configuration | Html Code'

Here are your personal Statistic-Login-Data for www.sedotracker.com:


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Aug 15, 2002
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Hello Isubooks,

That is not spam.
We are currently trying to update our website-sales listings.
We are contacting all website sellers to remind them that they now have to install the SedoTracker on their websites in order to continue selling them on Sedo.
If the SedoTracker is not installed, the websites will automatically revert to being sold as domains.
Hope this helps!
Kind Regards,

Nora Cotter
Key Account Manager

SEDO.COM :: Buy and Sell Domain Names and Websites

tel +49 (221)-420-758-287 :: fax +49 (212)-202-3951
email: nora@sedo.com :: url: www.sedo.com

_______________________ :: make a name for yourself.
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