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Nov 20, 2012
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There was a sale recently for xyz domains at WhiteWebServer. I bought several. They were premium domains that were 'available' when I put them in the basket, single letter dot xyz and single dictionary words. I was surprised that they seemed to be available to buy but did not question it. I paid by debit card linked to a UK account. Then I checked and saw 'pending' against the names. It stayed like that for days after. I asked them about the status and they replied that they could not get the names I asked for. I asked for a refund a few days after that, they said OK. Then nothing happened for a few days. Then I asked about the refund. Then they said that they could not refund as they had no method to do that. I supplied a paypal address for a paypal refund and they said OK to that method. Then a few days later I asked if they would do the refund. No reply.
Eventually they responded on another domain forum and told me to put my details on a ticket which they received saying 'OK'. A week goes by and still no refund.

So what can I do to get a refund from them?
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