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The following SEO site is up for auction now:

This SEO resources site is easy to maintain as some pages (homepage and SEO Disucssion) are syndicated. The SEO discussion section is powered by RSS + AJAX with Hotkeys enabled. Users can just press the numeric keys to browse the threads. The SEO products are also tagged with the ClickBank affiliate ID, any sales made through this site will be credited to your ClickBank account.

Lastly, the first two SEO tools (Links counter and SEO Tags Analyzer) are handcoded by me and can only be found in less than 5 sites worldwide.

This site does not require any database. You can also add new pages to it easily (CSS designed) and make it hold more content.

Site Unique Features

1. The feeds are easily configured to display the amount of articles, posts, forums etc.

2. This site is greatly automated and require low level of maintainence (does not require any database also). The freshness of the syndicated content will encourage google bots to visit the site more often.

3. The site is totally designed by CSS. This allows the design to be amended easily and requires less codes for the browser to render.

4. Utilize PHP Include ablities to facilitate the ease of updating various parts of the site. Webmaster only needs to update a file and the changes will reflect across the site. This makes the placing of advertisement codes very much easier at the header, side menu and footer.

5. The whole site is designed according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The site will be indexed by the bots easily with no errors.

6. The ClickBank ID can be changed easily by amending a file and it will reflect across the site.

7. SEO Discussion powered by AJAX. Reduce loading time of the whole webpage and works across major browsers such as FF 1.5, FF 2.0, IE 7 (tested).

The winner of this site will also receive the site banner in .PSD file so as to facilitate any additional designing work if needed. This site is new so there is little or no traffic but it can easily built up based on its domain and site's functionality.

Directory Submission Partnership
I am glad to inform that I have managed to establish a partnership Raj Kumar. For an additional of $33, Raj will submit this site to a total of 400 directories. These 400 directories will definitely help the site to kickstart and gain some strong link popularity and PRs after the next PR update.

Min. bid: $50
Min. Increment: $10
BIN: $300
Auction ends: 06 NOV 2006 1500hrs [GMT+8]

This auction is held at several forums. The domain is registered with NameCheap and expire in Oct 2007.
Payment by Paypal.
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