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Apr 9, 2005
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Picazine is an online tool for tweaking photos on magazine covers.
• Creating real-like magazine covers from uploaded photos by clicking
on Create Your Own Cover and follow the instructions in 3 easy steps.
◦ Step 1: Uploading panel will load your photo into the
◦ Step 2: The tweaking tool helps you resize & drag the photo so
it matches the cover size.
◦ Step 3: You're ready and using Gigya you can share the cover
with your friends and social networks.
• Rating system for covers using Bad-Good scale between 0 and 10 and
rate counter (how many users voted).
Just choose Rate Covers from top menu and you'll get a random cover
to rate. Also you can rate any cover just by clicking on it.
• Top rated magazines
• Keep an eye on recently created magazine covers from Recently
Created page.
• Option for private covers
• Top rated covers
• Save covers in your profile
• Share cover with other users or friends with the power of about 30
social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and a lot more).
If you click on a cover in your profile you will get different methods
for sharing like direct link, emailing and a great variety of social
networks to choose from Gigya services.
Common features:
• Quick registration form with just few fields.
• Creating cover without system requires you any registration.
• Registered users can download the cover directly to their computer.
• If you're registered covers are stored in your profile page.
• Top-Rated covers will be shown on home page inside rotation slider.
• You can use share tools to Tell A Friend.
• Two banner places (like Google Adsense).
Administration features:
• Templates - create cover categories and upload covers into them.
Uploaded covers will show in 'Step 2' in tweaking tool.
• Uploads - manage users' original uploads before they've been put on
magazine cover
• Backgrounds - allow you to change the default background for
pictures in tweaking tool
• Covers - covers created by users. Administrator can moderate them
just like the other parts of the panel using Media Manager tool
• Users - user management with search assistant
• Pages - content for site pages and places e.g. Home, Help and so on.
You can change the content using WYSIWYG editor integrated into the
• Questions - list of questions/answers under Help section. You can
change the content using WYSIWYG editor integrated into the
• News - let you manage news shown on the Home page. You can
change the content using WYSIWYG editor integrated into the
• Config - let you to control some site settings such as number of
results per page or administrator's email.
• Language - site can be translated into different languages and here is
the base with every message in the site which can be manipulated on
the fly without any special files to change or site edits to do.

Please PM me if you have any questions


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Jun 1, 2005
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how can revenue be made from this?will you move to buyers server?
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