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Jul 24, 2004
Planet Earth

The name sparks the imagination.

Is it a major ecological destination in the Andes? A new Nike high-top? Or one of the long lost members of The Avengers?

Keep it far more local, and you’ll find that the name, derived from a neighborhood in Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, is, in fact, a much more accessible treat – in the form of a dish that speaks to thick layers of abundant flavor.

Found in local shops and restaurants that specialize in Dominican fare, the yaroa is a dish made primarily with the mash of a root vegetable or tuber, usually plaintain or yucca. The mash, slightly salted, dense and chewy is layered with lines of richly seasoned strips of pork, chicken or beef – or you can opt for all three meats.

The entire dish is then topped with a hearty topping of melted mozzarella cheese.

Think of it is a mini-casserole, or even a Caribbean lasagna.
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